Dr. Andrew Cook is the Founder + Medical Director of Vital Health Endometriosis Centers. Dr. Bailey Feeney is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine + Director of Integrative Health

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You long for connection, inspiration, motivation, clarity, alignment, and strength…

Maybe you’ve tried healing on your own, and you’ve been left feeling frustrated and lost, drowning in a sea of health blogs and conflicting information.

Maybe you’ve already started to make small changes in your daily routine or maybe you’ve made big changes that you couldn’t sustain.

Maybe you’ve taken two steps forward, but retracted when your friends or family were unsupportive in your new lifestyle habits.

There’s an easier way:

You don’t have to remake every element of your life or live in a constant state of struggle. You just need to lean into small behaviors that create lasting results.

Everyday, sustainable health isn’t about perfection. It’s about making progress, one small gentle step at a time.

As women, we are designed to support each other through the uncertainty that accompanies change and growth.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of Endo Warriors coming together for change, empowerment, and a higher vibrating life.

Health doesn’t come from more information. It comes from relaxing your grip, reclaiming your innate healing wisdom and moving forward, day by day in a supportive community.

Introducing EndoThrive

Get the support, guidance and resources you need to stop overwhelm, meet you where you are, and make living a healthier life enjoyable.

EndoThrive is a membership site created with YOU in mind. —to bring ease, clarity, and support on your path. This health and healing community is for Endo Warriors looking for a better way to live and Thrive with Endo.

 It’s all inside an exclusive community to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes by integrating simple, healthy habits into your daily life.

Simple, informative, and fun approach to wellness in a warm, supportive community environment.

Success Path

This roadmap will guide you step-by-step as you walk your path to health and healing, at your own pace. It emphasizes five stages: Begin, Explore, Ground, Let Go and, Go Deep. Within each stage are a series of action steps, accompanied by guides, worksheets, and tools to track your progress.

5 Pillars of Healing

Dr. Cook presents a global concept covering all aspects of health care and healing required to achieve true health and wellness, including details of how to get proper wide excision surgery to manifesting the future you want.  The 5 pillars include, Purging Disease, Restoring your Inner Temple, High Vibe Environment, Healing from Trauma and Expanding Consciousness.

Monthly Masterclass

Each month there will be a Masterclass or Lessons  led by Dr. Andrew Cook and Dr. Bailey Feeney. These can range from discussions with each other to interviews with other Endo experts. These will run about 45-60 minutes,  will be super informative and fun to watch, and will leave you wanting to take action.

Monthly Challenges

Each month we get the chance to upgrade our lifestyle with week-long challenges that we embark on as a community. They are a light-hearted approach to taking baby steps towards adopting new habits in your life. These will keep your energy and motivation high and inspire and propel you to make easy, effective changes. These challenges provide an opportunity to dip your toes in the water of holistic lifestyle medicine, with the support and encouragement of your community!

Monthly Wisdom Work

Each month you will have to go inside your head and heart for some reflection. The self inquiry will loosely be tied to the Five Element system of Chinese Medicine. You will journal your reflections and get a practice to embody the transformation. Action items may include, but not limited to,  guided meditations, tapping/ EFT, yoga classes, breathwork, mindfulness, affirmations, community outreaches .

Monthly Sister Circle

Each month, you’ll be invited to a live call for all community members to gather in a safe and sacred container. This is an opportunity to connect face-to-face in real-time, and lean on your sistersfor support as you walk this path back to health. This is the time to be witnessed and witness other women on their journey, and to build strong bonds in our circle.

Monthly Live Coaching

Join Dr. Cook and Dr. Feeney on a live stream, each month to ask your questions and get them answered here first. If you can't make the live don't worry, we will have the replay saved in the membership portal.

Private Community

Connect with like-minded endo warriors in our private Facebook Group. This is a space to ask questions, seek support, celebrate your wins (big and small!), and be witnessed on your path towards health reclamation. The group is for brainstorming, support, love, celebration and connection… monitored on a daily basis by our amazing coaches. You will be surrounded by a warm, welcoming group of women who care about you and your well being. 


Bonus Offerings:

Guided Meditations, Breathwork Sessions, Yoga Classes, Tapping/EFT, Cooking and Movement Classes, all especially designed for women with Endometriosis added regularly.


Does joining make me a patient of Dr. Cook or Dr. Feeney?

 Dr. Andrew S. Cook, M.D. is an internationally renowned endometriosis specialist, pelvic pain specialist, women’s health expert, and founder and medical director of Vital Health Endometriosis Centers. He has devoted his life to helping women with complex health problems. Dr. Cook is a board-certified gynecologist and subspecialty-trained reproductive endocrinologist. A renowned gynecologic surgeon, he is a leader in minimally invasive surgical techniques in the treatment and management of endometriosis and other complex gynecological conditions. Women from across the globe travel to Dr. Cook at his centers in Los Gatos, California and Durango, Colorado for relief of their complex gynecologic problems. He is also a best selling author of three endo books focusing on the need for integrative and holistic treatment of endometriosis.


 Dr. Bailey Feeney is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and the Director of Integrative Health at Vital Health Endometriosis Centers. Her passion is educating women about the importance of holistic care, including both eastern and western medicine, to get the best possible outcomes. Bailey is also an avid meditator, trained Five Element wellness coach, certified yoga teacher, and herbalist and loves to incorporate all of these modalities to teach and guide patients on their wellness journey. In her free time, Bailey loves to spend time on her yoga mat or surfboard, hiking in the mountains, making some herbal concoctions in the kitchen, or spending time with her friends and family and her puppy Tico, who is never far from her side.

Women with endo, adeno, chronic pelvic pain or other chronic or autoimmune disease

Women who have had surgery, haven’t had surgery, don’t want surgery, are waiting on surgery

Women looking for tools to self heal and self soothe

Women looking to learn about alternative healing modalities

Women looking for diet and lifestyle guidance and ways to lower inflammation 

Women wanting a shift in mindset and perspective

Women looking for a deeper meaning of the disease

Women looking for a safe and uplifting community

Women who want to changing beliefs to shift your health

Women who want clear out toxins inside and out to reclaim your health

Women who want to Uplevel your health from the inside out

Women who want to be Empowered, Nourished, Supported

Woman who want to connect to themselves to radically shift their health

Women who want a Mind and body transformation

Women who want to rewire their brain to think differently for lasting change

Women who want to enjoy all that life has to offer

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